Horror-Vision: California style

Since we just got back from the West Coast, I thought it was high time to share in the creepy (I mean that in a GOOD way) aspects of our trip. From things going bump in the night, to where Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was shot, to a shrine to the macabre, here’s a little visual tour of places we saw on our trip to Northern California.

1st stop – San Francisco, the San Remo Hotel:

The San Remo Hotel of North Beach

From the website Legends of America, here’s the write up on the hotel we stayed at for two nights, San Remo Hotel of North Beach…

Just after the San Francisco fire destroyed most of the city, the San Remo Hotel was built in 1906.  Originally called the New California Hotel, its small rooms and affordable pricing attracted numerous immigrants, sailors, and penniless artists.  In 1922, the hotel was renamed the San Remo Hotel, where full course dinners began to be served and liquor was served in coffee cups during Prohibition.  Today, the hotel has been renovated with modern amenities but continues to maintain at atmosphere of an earlier era.  It is also said to be home to a couple of resident ghosts.  Allegedly, the hotel was once owned by a Madame and was run as a brothel.  This mysterious ‘painted lady’ is said to haunt Room 33, knocking on the door, but disappearing when someone answers.  A little girl has also been spied roaming the hallways and trying to get into Room 42.”

We think we got lucky and captured her on film–not once, but TWICE (see below)!

Is that you, painted lady?

The painted lady strikes again

For those of you that want to take a little looksie for yourself, the contact information is:

Remo Hotel, 2237 Mason Street, San Francisco, California 94133, 415-776-8688 or 800-352-REMO

I know, a little far for a dumb joke but here is something waaaay better. We visited Haight Street on our second day in the city and stumbled into the coolest curiosity shop ever. We may not look like Goths but our family’s got a serious thing for bird skull jewelry, odd taxidermy, antique pharmacy bottles with poison Rx, bird talon candle holders, and strange funerary photography. So when we walked into Loved To Death we were pretty sure we’d died and gone to a heaven that Morticia Addams would’ve decorated.

Loved To Death

And just yesterday I discovered that the store also serves as a focal point for a SyFy channel show, Oddities: San Francisco.

You definitely want to go and check this place out if you visit San Fran!

And last but not least, our California family picked us up in San Francisco and brought us on a trip through the Redwoods and wine country. To get there, we had to drive through San Rafael and then to Bodega and Bodega Bay.

In Bodega, we stopped at a small church and home that was the set for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds.”


The schoolhouse.

Pleasantly absent of bird attacks, this visit was way too short and I’m already itching to get back for more exploration.

Cover of "The Birds (Collector's Edition)...

Cover of The Birds (Collector’s Edition)


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