Corporate Cannibal

Corporate Cannibal

Mara Hoffman tribal top
$207 –

Single breasted blazer
£219 –

D&G long length pants
$315 –

Vigotti shoes
$60 –

Disc jewelry
$156 –




Hope short sleeve t shirt
$88 –

D&G high waisted skinny pants
£265 –

Chantelle padded bra
£45 –

Patent leather flat
$39 –

Chanel shoulder bag
£1,279 –

Pieces crystal bangle
$22 –

$90 –

Hot Blonde

We’re sorry. This post is not about blonde icons or starlets–it’s about coffee. Okay, it’s not even about that. It’s a request for your assistance in filling out a very short survey on coffee for a college marketing class! If you’d oblige us, you’ll be doing us a huge favor and would get a big boost of karma! So, will you fill it out?

Bardot, '62

Bardot, '62 (Photo credit: John McNab)

Hello Marianne

Hello Marianne

Dot dress
$113 –

Burberry double breasted coat
£695 –

BC Shoes mid heel shoes
$70 –

Coral jewelry
$75 –

See through umbrella
$17 –

Work Zone

Wishing that we meant this in the sense of RuPaul’s Werk but it’s far more boring than that. After upgrading to Elemin theme we found it had a major lack of support and/or  forums to customize Too Dreamy. As a result, we’re switching back to Reddle for a bit and then into a DIY Theme. Can’t wait to see the new appearance but give us some time. Be in touch soon babies!


Ivory + Bela

Moi Je Joue

Moi Je Joue

Mint Velvet trench coat
£69 –

Elle Macpherson Intimates lace bra
$90 –

Heel pumps

Chanel genuine leather handbag
€2.313 –

Chanel lipstick
$32 –



H M tie shirt
£13 –

H M denim jacket
£30 –

Short shorts
£13 –

Fendi stiletto heels
£284 –

Diane von Fürstenberg leather handbag
$395 –

Ashley Pittman brass jewelry
£525 –

Giorgio Armani lip makeup
$30 –

Christian Dior nail polish
$23 –

Bow to the New Queen

Juliet Simms performing in Philadelphia, PA.

Juliet Simms performing in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rock goddess alert. No, for real this time. It’s not every day someone with the vocal talent a Grace or a Stevie has just strolls onto the scene and blows you away. But Juliet Simms is showing real promise. Don’t believe us? Check this video out below…

I Follow Rivers

I Follow Rivers

3 1 Phillip Lim silk tank
$295 –

La Perla lace bra
$77 –

Lace up booties