Holy time-slip, Batman!

Let’s catch up. We realize we’ve gone more than a month without updates and posting but with good reasons:

  1. I finally graduated from Business School
  2. Bela graduated from high school – a year early, no less
  3. The two of us went on a big trip across the country

Here’s a little photo-journal highlight reel…

Graduation morning, Bela and her Dad


The following shots: 1.) The Amtrak train the California Zephyr took us from Chicago, IL to Sacramento, CA, 2.) A choice shot of our first canyons, somewhere south of the Roosevelt National Forest and east of the Yampa Valley, 3.) Gorgeousness of Western Colorado, 4.) Red canyons, 5.) After making it to Truckee, California, the train climbed back up in elevation through Donner Pass, 6.) We made it to Sacramento, CA and spent some time in Folsom (made famous for it’s prison and subsequent Johnny Cash song, “Folsom Prison Blues”), 7.) We made a 3 day detour to San Francisco and bopped around. Here’s one shot of the San Franciso skyline, 8.) With our family, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Rafael and into Bodega Bay. Here’s the fog…run for your lives!, 9.) Oh beautiful trees. We made it to the Redwoods!

1.) Chicago skyline from the train

2.) Western CO cliffs and canyons

3.) Heading into cowboy country

4.) We wanted to climb these

5.) Climbing Donner Pass with a view of Donner Lake below

6.) The hill above our family’s home at sunset

7.) View from the top of Telegraph Hill

8.) Bodega Bay

9.) Bela in her Redwood yoga pose


2 thoughts on “Holy time-slip, Batman!

  1. Yoga pose in the Redwoods–how Zen is that?! All I did was look around in awe and buy some Redwood salt & pepper shakers…Yoga seems much more in line with the awesome trees and their ancient and awesome presence.

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