Reblog, The Dreaming: Bright Young Twins

We’re diehard Kate Bush fans. I don’t really know how I discovered Kate (I was never a theater geek at high school) but I believe it may have been MTV and seeing the video for “Running up that hill.” And then there was all of 1988, mostly spent with a good friend by the name of Mimi. We’d listen to her while working the kitchen of a bar in Portland, Maine.

I introduced Kate’s music to Bela a few years ago. Now Tony just looks at us with a torturous expression across his face when we sing along. It’s awesome!

Yeah! Check out my crazy eyes.

To see someone else blog about her just warms our hearts so, not to be lazy but Bela and I had to re-blog this post from the British blogging duo, Bright Young Twins.

Twins of Cleverness

After you view all of the Kate Bush videos to the right of “Running up that hill” (don’t deny it, we know you will), tell us if you’re a Kate Bush fan too! We want to hear about how you first heard her. We LOVE a good story!

The Dreaming (album)


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