Apple + Tree

Hello & Welcome!

For anyone who hasn’t heard the expression “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” at least here in the Northeast, it means like mother, like daughter (or like father, like son).

We’re Bela (the apple) and Ivory (the tree), a daughter and mom pair who decided to blog about all things lovely. We’re addicted to great style, music, cinema, art, and literature but also confess a guilty pleasure for trashy reality TV and pop culture. We’re especially excited to travel together to northern California this June and will be photo-blogging about our time in the Sacramento area and in beautiful SAN FRANCISCO!

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to bringing you local finds from Portland, Maine (we’ll be posting you finds from our first ever thriftapalooza weekend) and in sharing our faves from around the world.


8 thoughts on “Apple + Tree

  1. How cool is this mother/daughter blogging thing? It’ll be great to have a record of the trip of the century. And if I don’t get a blue bunny hat for Easter I think I’ll bejust too blue!

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